Top Plastic Surgery In Singapore – Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty & Blepharoplasty Overview

Total Beauty Makeover 101

Beauty, has over the years had many enhancements to it. A good example of this is the plastic surgery. This refers to a surgical procedure that reconstructs a specified body part to the desired features. This article will cover: hair transplant, breast augment, rhinoplasty, upper and lower eyelid surgery.

Lets talk about hair transplant. Hair Transplant is very popular among the men as this is a surgical procedure to fix baldness, restore eyebrow and restore beards. During the surgery, the hair transplant surgeon carefully shifts the roots of hair that has been removed from a highly hair concentrated body part to a bald body part. Hair transplantation helps alot in giving people back their confidence as it gives permanenet results.

After the hair transplant, the is no maintenance required as the hair planted will grow naturally along the hairline it is planted. However, if hairloss is genetic and a person undergoes the procedure at an early age, hairloss is likely to still occur at a later age. Not everyone is a good candidate for hair transplantation as this procedure is only limited to people with general good health condition. If you have doubt about whether you are a good candidate, schedule an appointment to consult with Hair Transplant Singapore surgeon.

Breast augmentation surgery casually known as the boob job, is the next most sought after cosmetic surgery in Singapore. This surgical procedure is done to either increase the volume and size of the breasts or to simply shape them. Breast augmentation is not the same as breast lift. For more information about breast lift surgery, check out Breast Augmentation Singapore – breast lift surgery webpage.

Singapore breast augmentation is suitable for one who are not satisfied with the shape of your breasts. It is not suitable if you are pregnant or breast feeding. To be a good candidate for breast implantation, you must be in a good health condition.

Loss of sensation temporarily or even permanently, scarring and anesthetic complications are some of the possible risks involved in this procedure.  On the brighter side, breast augmentation  will boost your confidence!

Let’s move to the next top plastic surgery – Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty or commonly known as “nose job”,  is the reconstructing of the nose using a surgical procedure that reshapes the nose to the desired form. This is mainly done if one feels their nose is too sharp, blunt, big or unproportional to their faces. The procedure is also good for narrowing your nose, correcting bumps on the nose and changes the symmetry of your face thus restores confidence.

Before deciding to undergo a rhinoplasty, you will need to learn its disadvantages. They are: recurring nosebleeds, constant pain that also affects the upper lip causing its stiffness, unattractive scarring, sinus infection, loss of sensation and in most cases the results are not so satisfying. So it is crucial that you look for the best rhinoplasty surgeon Singapore for this dedicate surgery.

Next on our list will be – Blepharoplasty. Upper and lower eyelids surgery is a cosmetic procedure that eliminates excess skin from the upper eyelids while reducing bagginess on the lower eyelids.

To be a good candidates for the eyelid surgery, you must be in good health, dissatisfied with your look and most cases if the bagginess isn’t genetic, older people of 40 years and over. The potential risk associated with this surgery is bleeding, abnormal eyelids colour, inability to close eyes and mostly dry eyes after the procedure.

But on the bright side, you will get a better appearance, say goodbye to bagginess and look more younger than before.

When choosing the plastic surgeons for any of these plastic surgery Singapore, choose one that is certified by the Singapore Association of surgeons, one who is skilled with lots of experience and preferably a top rated surgeon. It is highly recommended that you also do your research on the best and certified plastic surgery clinics in Singapore that offer the best services. Check out Singapore Plastic Surgery Clinic – Blepharoplasty as their plastic surgeons are well trained, highly skilled and have received many positive reviews from patients.


Are Custom Orthotics The Painkiller For Flat Feet & Plantar Fasciitis



Flat Feet Orthotics

In some people, the arches collapse in the foot resulting in the whole foot fully touching the ground. Around 20% of people are subjected to this affliction in one foot or in both feet.

A spring action between the hindfoot and the forefoot with an elasticity is enabled by the arches of the foot.This works as a safeguard for the long bones in the leg for the weight that reaches the feet gets dissipated.

So, when you have flat feet, this safeguard is absent and there is pain. Flat feet are associated with pronation and to control it, podiatrists have long been using orthotic inserts.

It is quite possible you have heard of orthotics being a source of discomfort or the price of some of them may burn a big hole in your pocket. But you can always find good quality ones that are affordable.


image showing flat feet condition


Good arch support insoles add maximum comfort. You may even forget that you are actually wearing custom orthotic shoe inserts. Good quality insoles are versatile enough to cover the anomaly, whatever the extent.



Orthotic insoles are designed carefully by podiatrists and the over pronation of the defective arches is gently controlled. Your flat feet are supported in no small measure and relief is quick. The soft flat feet orthotics insoles control pain and support excessively firm arches.

All custom made insoles are created with universal shoe sizes in mind, so you do not have to go hunting for your size. Buy the shoes you fancy, remove the insoles that come with the original shoes and simply put in the orthotic insoles and you are done.

Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics

The tissue connecting the heel and the ball in the foot is called plantar fascia. The condition that affects this part of the foot is plantar fasciitis. Those who have this condition often apply too much pressure on the tissue which brings on over-tightening, inflammation and even tearing.

When the inflammation is firmly in place, plantar fasciitis starts rearing its head. It does not stop at that. When you sleep at night, the condition tightens, which produces new tears when you start walking the first few steps in the morning. If you use custom orthotics for plantar fasciitis regularly, you will soon get rid of the condition.

Custom orthotics are not exclusive for those who suffer from flat foot condition, plantar fasciitis and heel pain problems. Sports people have entered the field in large numbers. That should not, however, surprise anyone.

A custom orthotic inserts lends the wearer’s foot a comfort that makes you forget the pain in the heels or ankles etc. Custom orthotics work equally well for diabetics and for people who are born with unequal leg length.


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